Made to Order

The heart of the studio lies in made to order pieces. Everything we make in the studio is one off and handmade in London. Specialising in repurposing secondhand/ recycled sneakers into one off pairs for you to wear and to treasure.

We can create sneakers from your own personal collection, or from our stock of discarded sneaker components already in house. We work with Traid London to rescue some of the unusable odd sneakers to use as raw materials.

Our sneakers take you on a journey, creating a story that extends far before you own them and taking you far into the future. It connects the original designers and makers of the first products, the people who wore the sneakers before, the studio, and you. The secondhand materials Bring a livelihood to the work, memories and mystery, giving you an experience that is human and tactile, where the material narrates the design. Because of this each pair of sneakers is completely unique, so much so that even the right and left are not the same. If you would like to enquire about a made to order pair of sneakers please contact us.


We also offer made to order pieces for fashion shows, theatre and film, brand promotion, museum exhibitions, and displays. Please contact us with your enquiry.